Uma Musume: Pretty Derby
I will rate this after I am done with other anime and stuff
Another Micro-transaction Game
Seems that the success of the Kantai Collection haunts the industry still. The sad thing is that overall this anime is not too horrible of a concept it is just stupid that is all. I mean talk about a shitty job. First you have to race till you drop then if you win you have to go perform a concert? I mean yeah I guess it is the best way to gloat but still. If you do not want to read the rest of my reasoning it is simple. This is just going to be another moderately successful micro-transaction based game. That is all that it can do.
I honestly do not think the anime was a very good idea. The anime itself is well nothing. I mean seriously I got to episode 5 and said that the anime was over. Nothing of any real note happens in the anime. I felt no actual drive to even get to this part of the anime and now that this ending has come I feel even less drive to continue. I think that is because of how poorly the anime was written.
I mean we can start off with all the crappy jokes. Like all the carrot food they have. I guess since they are horses they love the carrots. While I find those to be gross it was a bit too much. Plus they made things worse by having the girls eat regular food as well. They would eat the regular food and then eat more carrot crap. Then there was the weird horse shoe thing. Again it makes no real sense. These girls a putting horse shoes on their real shoes. I mean that seems kind of pointless esepcially if you already have a nice pair of real shoes to wear. Then there is all sorts of confusion about what is a horse girl?
No I am serious like where do these horse girls come from? As far as I could tell there were no horse boys... or horse adults in general so where do they come from? I mean it seems that you have to be a horse person to have a horse person... well horse girl again there did not seem to be any horse boys. Yet some how these girls of whom have on job they can do seem to make their way around society. Plus I have to wonder what exactly is wrong with the horse people.
I mean yeah I get, from the author's, point of view that horses tend to have very silly names. However, some how that translated into all the girls will have a similar naming scheme. Some horses will have some what normal sounding names. Then other horses will have sentences for their names. I just do not really know what to do with this kind of thing. It is kind of jarring to go back and forth between the two and then you get to wonder how exactly does someone get a phrase for a first name? Then there is the costumes
I know that this game is supposed to sell crap to desperate guys but seriously you are going to put all the girls in heels and cute idol fashion for the race? I guess that is just how things are in this world but you know it is still weird. I do my best to not judge things based on reality. However, it would seem like there would be someone who would be like "Hey those girls are all going to have to deal with drag lets put you in a track suit". I mean for training the cloths are fine. Oh right they train in normal track cloths because of reasons. Oh well, I guess I just have to learn to let this anime go a bit.
So yeah, overall I can say that I am officially done with this anime. There is no reason for me or, for that matter, anyone to actually support this crap. I mean really come on. Why do we always have to deal with stuff like this. Just take the anime put it in a game and let it be over with. Sadly there are going to be more episodes and I cannot find any reason to sit down and watch them. Oh well at least that is one less thing that I have to worry about but ti is still kind of sad having one less anime to watch.