Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu
I will rate this after I am done with other anime and stuff
Stop Pretending Like This Anime is Not Just Haruhi Again
Okay, seriously getting through my buffer of episodes for this one was PAINFUL. Oh man, geez who thought that this was going to be a good idea? Well you know besides the obvious people who are just trying to cash in on how incredibly amazing the original Haruhi did. I mean seriously, I have nothing against alternate universes or whatever you would call this, but I do have a problem when people pretend they are making an alternate universe when in reality it is the same universe with on adjustment.
That is all this anime is really, it is taking a little bit of the focus off of Haruhi. The truth is if you watch as much of this series as I have you will see that Nagato is not the main female character. Which is strange I have never seen something like this done before. She is in the title and they follow her around all the time, but she is not the lead. Haruhi is still the driving force behind the anime. Sure enough they do trick you with the first couple of episodes, but you eventually learn the truth. This is just a retelling of Haruhi without all the Haruhi god stuff in it. I mean even worse they remove the things that made Nagato awesome.
I really like the Nagato of the original Haruhi. Her complete indifference to... well everything is what made her a fan favorite. However, instead of just leaving it at that some corporate douche had to come in and rip out all the aspects of Nagato that made her awesome and replace them with this garbage moe bullshit. I mean really, now Nagato gets portrayed as this helpless girl who probably still needs diapers. A vast change from the original who was quiet and calm and you kn ow not a complete waste of space. I mean it really hurts to watch Nagato be this cute klutz that everyone adores. This is exactly why I am dropping this piece of trash.
You know the whole point of doing alternate stories like this is to make it so we can either see the story from another view point, much like the .hack books where Blackrose is the main character or to just put this other popular character in the spotlight like Illya. This anime fails to accomplish those goals. It very easily could have accomplished one of those goals. However, you need to pick one or the other. I mean it feels like the original story was written out as the Nagato perspective on Haruhi and then twisted into what actually came out. I mean... why do we even bother with this crap? Maybe it is my lack of tolerance for the RomComs that ruins this for me.
I now remember, as I am rambling, that in this anime we have all the elements of a RomCom that I hate because it makes a RomCom suck. You know the elements where we jump from one sexually frustrating holiday to the next for the entirety of the school life. I mean geez, all that is really left is White's Day and sexually frustrating summer memories including a kimino and a swimsuit. Then we can cycle back to giftmas and ugh... I feel kind of sick watching this anime it hurts so much to watch it because it could have been so much better than it was.
Anyway, I doubt this anime will fall into obscurity simply because everyone can just cling to the coat tails that is the original series which spawned it. Whic his probably the most frustrating thing for me. I have seen a couple of spin off anime, and this has to be the first that cannot stand on its own. They had a plot and a setting all their own. The only thing that was really borrowed from the original was the cast, which is acceptable. However, this anime is just an alternate universe because a little bit of the focus is taken away from Haruhi. Not because it is actually a good standalone product that you can say is worth watching. So my advice, do not waste as much time on this anime as I did. Just pretend like it never came out and the world will be a much better place.