Log Horizon
Another set of people gets to go into their favorite MMO. And by a group of people, I mean everyone who signed in to play the update on release day or something.
So it is finally time to plug in your old copy of Elder Tale a massive MMO that is famous the world over. A new expansion has just come out and it is time to give the new world a place to play in. Problem is that once you log in you are transported to what appears to actually be the world of Elder Tale. Now 30,000 gamers have been transported to this world with no way out. Who knows if it is possible to find a quest that will free everyone of the gamers from this new situation.
Season 2 Episode 2
I am Confused
Ugh... why do we have to waste a perfectly good end of the race with flashbacks? Yeah I get it last season was a while ago. Still it is not like any fan of the series is not going to remember all these points that the series has built the whole rivalry on. I mean geez we could have had the finish line and started gearing up for the last race. Why do we do this to ourselves? Even better there is the appearance of more teams?
I guess these teams are the other national teams? I do not know, there have only been three teams featured so far and no one else has been mentioned so I can only assume that this is the way that things are going to work out. Well at least the season is off to an interesting start. It is always weird to come back to a series at the end of an arch. Maybe I should try and find a place to watch the movie.. hmm that would be nice.