Kono Healer, Mendokusai
I will rate this after I am done with other anime and stuff
Just One Joke Told Differently
That got old really fast. This anime is supposed to be a parody that is easy to understand. However, the anime needs more than one core joke for the show. The anime could have been hilarious. However, after the fifth episode of the characters doing the same thing over and over again, the anime is just dull. I get it; the joke is that Alan is an absolute failure of a human being.
Yes, the author does a comprehensive job of hamming the point that Alan sucks home. The joke was pretty funny the first couple of times it was told, but it gets old after a while. Alan is ugly; yes, he is a 30-year-old virgin; yes, even the easiest dungeons are super hard for him. Time for a new joke about him. There is not much to say after the fifth time you hear it. We need to find something else to joke about. Then there is Carla.
I guess she has more than one joke, but the jokes got old after a while. Hearing her tell Alan that she will just leave him to die is funny until you listen to it a million times. Not to mention the fact that Carla does nothing but talk. I guess it could be funny if she shut up or actually had interactions with people. However, most of the time, it was just her crapping all over Alan, which got old fast. At least show that she can do something other than run her mouth. Seriously, the artist went out of his or her way to make Carla unappealing. Sadly, that does not work when the whole character is unappealing. At least make her cute or something. Then there are the monsters.
All the monsters are nice guys, and you kind of feel bad for them because the adventurers are going out and killing them. However, most just live their life. In the first couple of episodes, all those monsters had sympathetic stories and were picked on by Carla and Alan. I guess, later on, there could be more obnoxious monsters; however, this gets old fast. Everyone does the slapstick thing, and Carla and Alan look like jerks and losers. At least let them have some kind of fight or something like that.
So overall this anime is hard to watch. The anime would have been easier to watch if there were shorter episodes and stuff. However, 22 minutes of the same jokes over and over again make for a terrible anime. One has to wonder precisely what they were thinking making this series 22 minutes. Heck, it is hard to say if this show would be tolerable at 13 minutes. Oh well, the pain must end sooner rather than later. So do not bother with this series.