Kenja no Deshin o Namoru Kenja
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Dunbalf, otherwise known as the one-man-army, was a revered mage in his friend''s kingdom. In the VRMMO Arch Earth Online, he and his friends built a kingdom that would be a dominant power. Then one night, Dunbalf was playing around with changing his character's appearance and fell asleep. When he woke up, he was in the new cute, loli body he had constructed for his character. With the Isekai twist, he is now living in the same world he had once thought to be a game.
Season 1 Episode 10
Not enough of the naked
The episode in question is the title I get naked. Yet so little time is spent naked. I have to say I was kind of disappointed by this fact. Why name the episode about being naked when you are just going to spend the end naked? Why not have naked more or slowly get completely naked or have fun parts exposed or something. I guess that the title might be a bit misleading. Then again, it is pretty accurate at the same time.
The nudity is a good use of the world not having a lot of technology. I mean, it is kind of strange that a society that has a car and fancy panties does not have swimsuits, but I guess Solomon has to keep his priorities straight. He did not know he would be able to torture his friend. So I think it is nice to have a fantasy world with no bikinis or whatever. Mira just gets naked for the water part and then slowly gets dressed. One has to enjoy the whole devil may care attitude Mira had for the episode. I would like to think that if I was Isekaied into a girl body, I would have the same attitude. Why hide the adorableness, right?
Season 1 Episode 8
The truth is out
This is kind of getting old. The lie is getting stretched and stuff. Still, there is stuff that has to be done and stuff. I guess I am happy that more people are coming around. I know that it is a bit annoying and all that stuff, but still, at least we are making some progress toward getting the truth out there. Well, to those who matter anyway. I doubt the world would know or care if the fact came out.
Granted, I am kind of wondering how the transformation has affected Mira. I mean, is she really that weirded out by Mariana? I mean, they are both females now, and there is no real reason to hold back, especially since Mariana has always had that kind of affection towards Mira. I guess that is just how things have to be for now. It cannot be pulling a Ranma and having the guy grow apathetic to the boobs that he gets to directly see and play with.
Season 1 Episode 1
Hmm, this is new usually; when someone wakes up in a new world and is not only his or her former character but also wholly different sex, usually the anime wastes about 10 got 15 minutes having the character freak out. However, in this one, she sort of goes with the flow. That is a nice change. He even has all the bodily functions down. So I guess we will see the new adventure with a rare character who does not sweat the small stuff. Especially the small stuff you cannot help.
Season 1 Episode 3
Shota now
I guess the main character is a loli, so we now need the other side with a Shota. I suppose that we are trying to break all the rules and regulations here. Normally, we just sort of have a bunch of Yuri non-sense, but I guess we get to have the former male now getting to be a female who will start falling for the charms of a shota. Hmm, this is definitely new. We can overlook the otherwise generic party that they are traveling with.
Season 1 Episode 6
The lies we tell ourselves
We all know that Mira is lying to herself. We all know that she enjoys that she does not have to pay for her new outfits, nor does she need someone to teach her how to properly wear them. No one plays an MMO where they have a female character and do not play dress-up with said character. We all know it is true, and those who are male who plays female characters who claim otherwise are all liars and need to be shown just how wrong they are.
Granted, the bit got old pretty fast. I mean, he or she would do story stuff for a bit, then would do dress-up stuff for a bit. Then they would do more story or back-story stuff for a bit and then dress up. I mean, it got old really fast going through that bit. Why is it so hard to follow the example of Fairy Tail and just have the main character change outfits once or twice during every arch? I mean, there is no reason why we have to go through this elaborate rouse every time. Or at least limit it to once an episode. Like Mira wakes up, all the king's maids are there to force her into the clothes. That would be a better use of time than this episode was. Then again, I guess there are not many new designs. Oh well, I guess we just need to suffer through his for a bit longer