Open World Isekai
This anime is not an anime for people who like a coherent and structured story. In many ways, this anime feels like games I have played where there is an open world, and out of nowhere, I find a random set of quests, and then I go around doing random things, and then eventually, 100 hours later, I return to the story. This anime feels like that to me. Which is just fine for video games but not for anime.
Sadly this is not an episodic anime. Thre are plenty of anime out there that have an open-world feel. However, the stuff that happens is not so deeply connected. One gets a bit of a connection here and there. However, there is no real core story, just core characters. This anime wants to have a story very badly. However, it cannot decide what that story should be. I get that the kingdom needs help or something, but there needs to be more meaning to the anime other than Solomon just has a task for Mira. Especially since eventually, they settle on a Mira outfit towards the end of the anime.
One nice perk of the anime, in the beginning, was how Mira got dressed up like a doll. The anime was more fun this way, especially since Danbulf was messing around when he made Mira. Sadly Danbulf loses that vigor to style and be cute once he is stuck as Mira. I guess that they had as many outfits as arcs, but still, why not have more. Break the episodes into 3 episode chunks. Have an outfit for those chunks, then have an outfit for a couple of random episodes of slice of lifing between the missions? Would it have killed the author to waste an episode on a swimsuit episode where Mira is forced to change swimsuits every couple of minutes? I guess it would be something that would be annoying for people. I think the anime has some fan service, but nothing to call home about. Not to mention the disposable characters.
Towards the end, the anime feels like it is digging through the trash. The anime has to go back and show all the previous characters and give the lines and stuff. This is one of those unnecessary things that happened, and it needs to be stopped. That kind of "remember that guy" stuff works just fine when it is nothing more than a cameo, but when you have to put forth somewhat unremarkable characters, and I am forced to remember them, if I can, that just ruins the series. Just show them again fighting or drinking or something, then be done with it. Do not try and involve them in some plot.
Thankfully this anime seems to not be going anywhere. The nature of the anime is just too random to make anything new about it, and it is not interesting enough to hold a fanbase. I blame the lack of costumes for this. At a minimum, the anime could have survived as a cosplay fetish, but it chose not to. So there is not much of a reason to see this anime other than to kill time or if you need background noise.