Adventures and Costumes
If there was an anime to make me reconsider making female avatars, it would be this anime. I mean, how weird would it be to just sort of wake up and be a cute loli. Well, I guess that one does not need to think about it. You know, since it is just an avatar and Mira does not have to waste time figuring stuff out. Especially since this anime is just a kind of wander around and do stuff anime.
True, there seems to be some objective when dealing with the story since there is a plot. However, for the most part, the whole story seems to just be Mira trying to not overdo things. Well, if she does overdo things, then she just sort of pretends to be otherwise. Mira just kind of goes from one adventure to another, costume change to an adventure.
I really do enjoy the fact that there are costume changes in this anime. All of us know that if we turned into a cute female, assuming you are male, there would be much dressing up and costuming going on. I also appreciate how Solomon takes advantage of his power to force the costume changes to happen. After all, Mira seems to be pretty despondent. Is that the right word when it comes to her change? We need to have cute loli abuse. It is even better when the cute loli abuse is done by maids who are happy to do cute loli abuse. I guess that is why Mira does not really refine her behavior either.
There are plenty of times when Mira acts rather manly. It is kind of refreshing to see, to be honest. Mira has that devil may care attitude. Yet, for some reason does not take advantage of those who are more than willing to be taken advantage of. Well, minus the weird creepy mage girl, she needs to go. So it is nice that everyone just kind of views Mira as an excentric weirdo who is really powerful. Even better, there is no need to rush or desire another season.
I guess there is plenty more about reassembling the Wise Men and making a nation or something, but I do not care. The series did not feel short or wasted. It was an excellent quick, fun time, and no one had to care about it. Chances are unless the original novel is really popular, this anime will go away and never come back. Well, not come back for a long time, if recent renewals are any indication of a trend. The anime ends, and you do not feel too attached to it, so you can just be glad that it is over.
All in all, this is a quick and easy watch. Nothing too grand to think about. There are adventures, and costumes, and fanservice, and I guess a story is found along the way. However, if the story was missing, I doubt it would really make much of a difference to the overall quality of the anime. So sit back and enjoy Mira's everyday adventures as she pretends to be someone else while pretending to be someone else.