Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou
I will rate this after I am done with other anime and stuff
Hajime is a dull and boring high school student. So when is class is transported to another world to be the legendary heroes, it is no wonder that he is granted a weak, almost worthless class. I guess most of his class knew it as well as they do not seem to keen on going back to look for him after he gets separated from the group. So either Hajime has to man up and get some skills, or he has to die. After all, no one is looking for someone who holds everyone back.
Season 2 Episode 4
Cause Isekai that is why
So I do appreciate that the whole bit Hajime is doing here is the bit where he is he is somehow a master of all things mechanical. Some of these things are pretty easy to figure out. You pack a tube with explosives and then throw it. You find a way to make wheels move on their own. However, a submarine is kind of pushing it. Not just any submarine but a lava-proof one. That is not something that you will see every day. I do enjoy how they did that, but still, this is getting ab out of hand after all. However, I guess it is necessary for this series. It seems like they are going to power through things. And just end it here.
Season 1 Episode 12
Just a Clip Show
So I guess I cannot fault the company that made this anime for not wanting to front the full 26 episode stream, but seriously this is annoying. So I managed to get my hands on some of the manga, and after reading through it, I am pretty disappointed in the anime. I mean, yes, it is entertaining and still fun to watch, but it just lacks the richness and depth found in the manga. The biggest problem is this anime is so... well random. I wish that it was a little closer to the manga. Oh well, now I must wait for the rest of the week to end so I can enjoy the finale. At least that was a nice turn of events.
Season 1 Episode 8
Hard to blog
This anime has presented a reasonably interesting challenge for me. I mean I do have a lot of opinions on the episodes as they come forth. Like I do not want Hajime to reunite with the main party. I mean there is no real way that a reuniting with the party can actually be done justice. I mean think about it, you have Shirasaki who is obsessed with finding him and Hajime's desire for revenge. Yes, it is there he says that he has no desire, but there is a small flame for it. Plus the resentment the main party has for Hajime in general. I mean really I cannot think of any scenario where Hajime reunites with the main party that would be satisfying to me. I mean not that I am not going to enjoy the reunion when it happens, it just will not be done justice. Thus I am kept on my toes
That is the challenge that I face with this anime. I am always inquisitive what is going to happen next and if something awesome is going to happen or like how is the story going to progress. I am kind of saddened by the fact that this will a 12 episode anime, but I hope that it does well enough to go on. I am just annoyed about blogging because well, I am never sure if what I want to complain about will be in the next episode. It just gets kind of frustrating, you know.
Season 1 Episode 10
Infinite materials
So out most recent battle makes me wonder, where exactly Hajime finds the time and materials to manufacture all those bullets. I mean seriously, he has to make every part of the round and as far as I can tell, he does not have some kind of robot run factory to do it for me. Is that awesome Gatling gun useless now because he wasted all the bullets or are we magically going to have more? This is just something that really eats at me. Hajime is not stingy with the bullets. I guess since his guns are six-shooters, it only appears like he is using more than I think he is. Oh well, at least this these drones of his we know that he is making automated things. Just it confuses me where the plot... I guess armor comes from.
Season 1 Episode 3
Building Up
I love anime that is good at storytelling even when it is taking too long to get to the good point in the anime. You know where Hajime runs into all his former classmates performs some act of badassery and then goes off into the night with Yue. That was a shock how he said he would take Yue with him, but I guess it is not too shocking. I think that was a fairly good montage getting to the crux of the next episode, what is behind the door. I would get a good laugh if it so happened that Hajime has to walk all the way back up. Considering how many levels he fell and how many he has climbed down, that would be interesting to see.
However, one thing bothers me. Hajime can figure out how to make guns, cool-looking ones at that, in this maze, but he cannot figure out how to make clothes? I mean really there has to be something down there with some kind of Wool or something. Then again, I guess he does not have a lot of time to do tanning and stuff. Oh well, it is just an interesting choice to have all these cool weapons and not be able to make cloths. I guess it will add to the shock value of it all. Though I am interested to see how he plans to fire that rifle, that thing will have some kick.
Season 1 Episode 5
Short Series Syndrome
Man, I hate it when stuff like this happens I am seeing the signs of short series syndrome. I guess that is just how things work out with this light novel anime. I mean they will pick up the fandom, but that is generally not enough to pay for the anime, which is sad, I kind of hope that this anime is doing REALLY well, so they keep on adding episodes. However, right now it kind of feels like we are just going to do hops between both parties and eventually they will meet up and then the series will end. Oh well, at least things are going a bit differently.
I am kind of curious as to how this whole romantic arc will work out for our leads. You generally do not get that kind of brazen action taken by anyone unless they are deliberately being a pervert or this is hentai, so I guess it is a nice change of pace. Then again, chances are we will not get to see how this plays out much further because we will run out of episodes before too long.