Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku
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Ichirou was just your average overworked game developer working day and day out at his company doing his best to make the best games he could. A true dedicated soul he would spend nights at work and basically go home to just flop into bed and stuff if he had the luxury of time. He put his soul into the game world and that all changed one day when he went to sleep
At first it might have felt like a dream but it is reality. He woke up in what appears to be some kind of MMO where he had a few skills which managed to level him up to levels that really should not exist and now he is on his trek back to his world.
Season 1 Episode 4
The Slaves
You know it is kind of strange how loyal to the idea of being a slave these slave peoples are. I guess that is just something that happens in the world. Oh well, I do find it kind of funny how Satou is trying to level his party up using old fashioned RPG strategies. That is a rough world where you do not share experience. That is always rough in games. However, I guess that is how real life would work. It is kind of funny how their slave loyalty makes them work like a fine tuned machine.
Season 1 Episode 6
More Slave Stuff
Well that is funny, I like the more realistic slaves who know what is up. Like Arisa, she is funny talking about how she needs to please her master and all that stuff. Though I would say that it is a little strange how eager she is to jump the bone, so to speak. Oh well, at least she is honest. It has got to be weird for Satou to have so many willing females around to play with him. Still it is not like he is not trying to reform the world.
It is kind of strange how he has his lofty ideas about being in a world with slaves and not wanting any slaves. Oh well, I guess that is how most people would act. Then again, it is kind of strange Satou does not strike me as the kind of guy who was swimming in the lady parts back when he was just a developer. I guess that would not make for good story telling if he was just making up for lost time. Oh well, at least the whole "that started with a deathmarch" title is becoming less annoying.
Season 1 Episode 8
You know I have to wonder at this point if this does not just feel like a chore for Satou. I mean seriously, all the creatures that he is fighting are supposed to be overwhelmingly powerful to a normal person and he is on an order of magnitude better than them. Oh well, I guess that was kind of the point of a show like this one. The main character is supposed to be way more powerful and use his superior power and intellect to make the world easier or something. At least he gets to challenge himself a bit by trying so hard to not hurt anyone
Season 1 Episode 12
Satou's Interface
You know, I think it is safe to say that Satou would be lost without this interface. I mean I guess when you give someone that much power it is expected that they might need a way to control it but still. There is no way he would have succeeded without that tool. He can do whatever he wants with it and it basically makes him invincible. Which is kind of annoying... but who knows. This anime really loses its kick once you get tired of seeing Satou play around in his HUD. I kind of have to wonder what this anime would have been like if Satou only had the super powers and nothing more.
Season 1 Episode 2
Why Go Home?
Okay so I am confused by this guy, he said that he wants to find his way home so he can keep making video games? That makes no sense to me... i mean really he is in a world where his basically super powered and can instantly gain genius level skills with his mind, and he wants to go back to making video games. Maybe I am weird but if I suddenly fell into a world where I managed to gain enough power that I could get up a cliff by running up it or jumping on falling rocks, I would ever leave. Then again maybe there is something wrong with me.