Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu
I will rate this after I am done with other anime and stuff
Some guy, who has a name but it is irrelevant because it is never really used again, has been summoned to another world. As usual he is summon as is super overpowered MMO character and the world is very similar to the world in the game. Thanks to his super rare magic reflecting items he is saved from being an enslaved summon and instead enslaves the summoners. Thankfully, he has practiced being a demon lord online, because otherwise he would not be able to talk to anyone around him.
Season 1 Episode 1
It is kind of funny, I wish that I could get into a situation where someone would do something and I could say "Wow that is so pathetic/weak/lame&;quot; and then proceed to destroy it. Though that is kind of interesting to see how Diablo managed to not destroy the whole city block given how incredibly powerful he is.
There are things that I will never understand about these worlds though. How you always have the super compassionate leaders and the asshole underlings. You know just once I would like one of the "Good Guys" to have a few more issues with the people around him or her. Why is it so hard to make a key character have some kind of prejudice? I guess that is just the anime trope right?
Season 1 Episode 2
Very Uncomfortable
Alright, so we know one of the themes of this anime, females boobs being grabbed by chance. I want to say an oldie but a goodie, however, I cannot really say that because it is just getting old. Given the main cast of the show, based on the intro, I am not really someone who finds any amusement in the slow awkward progression of females hating having their boobs be grabbed to females wanting it so very badly. But, I guess, that the fact that they are letting Diablo sleep in the bed makes things a bit better. Normally the male character would be sleeping in the hall., then there is the guild master.
For some reason I will never understand this obsession that anime fans have with underdeveloped adult females being obnoxiously eccentric in anime. This just does not make any sense to me. I guess it is not so bad when the female is dressed in something that fits her physique better, but when it looks like an 8 year old trying to be a stripper it gets weird. The funny thing is that I know that she is doing that because she wants to make males uncomfortable. Oh well, at least we will not be seeing a whole lot of her... I hope.
Season 1 Episode 4
Super Powers
I guess that I am too nice in the one MMO I play that allows for open PVP. I do not generally encounter a lot of characters who are so much weaker than me that they do not do hardly any damage. Then again, I guess it would be super weird as well to go from being a shut in who can barely walk up stairs to being able to engage in full-blown combat without really breaking a sweat.
Season 1 Episode 7
Those Boobies
Alright, I will give credit where credit is due, I know what is important in this anime, realism. Seriously, this episode, hell, this series has put a lot of effort into accurately drawing boobs. Whenever Shela is sitting around in her time off cloths and they are showing lots of boobs, the boobs are drawn in a way that they might look in reality. Which is kind of an interesting twist if I do say so myself. Boobs are rarely drawn accurately in anime. Most of the time they are drawn to be perfect, which is not bad, this was just a nice change from the usual stuff.
Season 1 Episode 10
Another Loli
So I guess that this particular loli is a bit more fitting given her attitude, but I am not sure we really need another one. We already have a AA cup but I guess we need another one for some reason. Still at last the child like innocence of our wonderful demon lord fits her actual appearance. I guess it could be much worse, the author could have gone the way of the balloon boobed airhead. Which is a trope that is even worse. Still It would be nice if they... eh... I am just whining about nothing. Then again I guess it is annoying that cosplayers cannot cosplay that costume easily.
Season 1 Episode 12
The Conspiracy
Well, I can say that at least they did something to show that there was a little foreshadowing in more than just the intro. Not that I am too surprised by what has happened. Though the level of Alicia's crazy is a bi toff the charts for me. I guess, that her existence kind of justifies... uhhh what is the other guy's name. When you have people running around talking about how honored they would be if the demon lord killed them... yeah it is time for a squad or something to deal with that nonsense.