Maoyuu Maou Yuusha
Econmics, polotics, a demon-lord with a license, and an idiot hero. I have to wonder how the person who wrote this anime makes all of it work so very nicely together.
One day Hero, yes that is his name, sets off on his own to finish off the demon king. However, he is not greeted by the vicious monster he is expecting. Instead he is greeted by a really hot girl, who says she is the demon king. Turns out that the demon king wants the same thing as Hero, an end to the war. With the condition that no one wins the war. After a bit of a negotiation, Hero decides to join up with her and help her accomplish her goals. Plus somewhere, there is a love story in there or something.
Season 1 Episode 12
And it ends
God damn it why do my favorites always have to end? Really what did I do to the world to really deserve this. This anime has so much that can happen and so much that you can keep writing about. Why the hell are they just making it 12 episodes. You know besides the fact that they want a reason to be able to sell a crap ton of extra DVDs. Oh well, I guess I am just going to have to live with this fact. Not that I get much say in it. I have a feeling this anime was not as popular as I think it should be.
Season 1 Episode 6
The Threesome
I have to wonder exactly why stuff like this does not happen for me? I mean come on, this is kind of annoying. Why the hell do I not have girls sneaking into my bed to imaginary spoon with me? I have to wonder exactly why this putz guys are the ones who are always getting lucky like that. Oh well, I guess it is fiction or something. That is just how fiction works I guess.
Season 1 Episode 4
How Time Flies
You know I have noticed that time has really flown by in this anime. After all, we are not even half way through the series and almost a year has passed. I mean normally when a lot of time passes you have a training montage or something like that. However, this time there was no montage. It just happened an episode passed and there we were one year later. Still though, I am loving her hug pillow. It is awesome that she would go to such lengths for.. well no good reason I guess I could say. Oh well, it is just another weird observation.
Season 1 Episode 2
Maids Are Evil
You know have never understood why most of the maids and butlers in anime are so much more... awesome and evil than the main characters. I mean I guess that shows just how much people suck when they get rich or something. I am not sure, I have never understood that. I mean why does everyone always do that? I mean is it so much to have a maid who kind of sucks? I guess that is another genre... but still.. I have never seen it. Even the clumsy ones kick ass in some form.