A lot to process
This anime is definitely a high-level education anime. You should at least be familiar with a lot of middle ages terms and the basics of economics and even agriculture to a degree. Plus, you will want to make some notes, especially if you are not watching this all in one sitting. This anime has a lot going on in it, and things get sparsely mentioned all throughout the anime, and it will be challenging to keep up.
The main challenge will be keeping everything straight outside of the main cast. There are many sides and factions. Not to mention many different countries and characters. Some are extraordinarily memorable and really not all that important. Then there are those who play a more vital role but blend into the background. There will be several mentions of several large powers in the world. However, they get mentioned, then you have to forget about them until a long time passes, and the anime finally gets to the core of the conflict right towards the end.
That is another downside. This anime is a fantastic introduction to what happened. So much so that it is detrimental. I am hard-pressed to say the anime could have started off where the anime ended, but the way this anime had to end does the whole series a disservice. While the series does not feel like a Zero chapter, it could have been one. This could have been an excellent prequel to the whole franchise. Especially since the war is not really going on in the anime.
That is not to say the whole point of this anime is not political and economic strife leading up to the war. The anime can be kind of bland and wordy at times. Which is going to hurt some prospective people. The whole active conflict part of the anime does not start until the near end of the anime. It would have worked if the first episode was not so action-packed, well, the first half anyway. Then everything stops, and you have the standard anime male protagonist who is just kind of dense and is only really good for breaking things. Maou takes the forefront and talks your ear off.
Lots of lecturing in this anime as well. I guess that is the challenge of anime which teaches economics and other more practice-based principles. One cannot see economics in action right away. One has to watch and see things occur and make the series go for a while to see what is happening. Especially when it is just one person spearheading the whole thing and trying to make things work out.
Maou is kind of a super character which does not work for her. She has all this knowledge. From crop rotation to compasses, she can do it all. She is the sole person who will lift the world up into an age of not war. There is no real mention of how she got this knowledge. The demon lord library does not seem to have this information or anything like that. To be honest, one must wonder if this did not start out as an isekai anime and then did not have time for the isekai part. Who knows, granted this is definitely a case of a... what is the term, Mary Sue? However, this kind of thing is necessary, and since the Maou is all fleshed out, the focus can be on the growth of the world. Which makes any Maou growth all the more annoying.
All in all, there is a lot to take in with this anime. So get down and maybe take some notes. I know that is not something one wants to do with such a well-endowed main character. We want to look forward to the medieval world where there are magically bikinis; however, we cannot. You get tons of very good knowledge to have thrown at you. However, at the same time, it detracts from the anime and makes it feel more like a lecture than a show to be enjoyed.