Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekake-chuu
If you can watch the intro and not want to watch this series, you should probably give up anime.
I have yet to write this... because I am lazy or something
I have yet to write this... because I am lazy or something
One day you are playing games in your room. The next day you wake up as your character. Not only that, you get to have all your powers and abilities and are overpowered. You know the standard Isekai stuff. Except you forgot that your avatar is a skeleton. Which complicates your new life in this Isekai
Season 1 Episode 10
Why you are a good girl
I think the end of this episode shows why you need to be a good girl and get married and not sell your body. This should be the way we scare girls into waiting for marriage. Remind them that if they do not wait until marriage, they might get eaten by a hydra. Oh well, I guess that is just life. You have to make sure that you make the right choices. Though I wonder how much fun the surviving whore had. I mean, that would be pretty annoying having to do your job knowing you are going to be fed to a monster.
Season 1 Episode 8
Manly Bonding
It is always fun to see proper manly bonding in anime. So many of our protagonists are weak-chinned wimpy babies. It is good to see the big muscle men doing the right thing and bonding through their tests of strength. Granted, it is interesting how none of the beast people questioned Arc, not showing off his face. Then again, they are all ninjas, so they will also cover their faces. Though I am sad for Arc, he has to choose who he might travel with. I mean, the choice is a hard one. Do I travel with the buxom elf, or do I travel with the cute ninja cat girl? Decisions decisions this is one of the decisions that I do not want to have to make if I get iskeaied.
Season 1 Episode 7
Because that is a good idea
I get that you want to test out your powers and all, but there are times when that might not be the best idea. I present exhibit A when someone might wake up and see you for a brief moment. If you have no way of knowing what the person's political power is, then there is nothing you can do. Still, most people know enough about the human body to see that I die if I get stabbed here. So it is a bad idea to create fanatics who will see their survival as some kind of act of god. I guess in the case of the princess, though, she was already kind of fanatical. Still, I have to wonder exactly how all of this will play out for our hero. I do not think she got a good look at him.
Season 1 Episode 5
Be Creative
It is so sad that people cannot be creative about handling things. Take, for example, the elf captives. Once the guy who kidnapped them managed to get defeated. They just sort of punched him in the face and kicked him in the balls. I guess that is just how you are when you are not in a rational state of mind. Then again, I guess I cannot blame them when all their magic was sealed, and they could not use it. Still, I guess there is not much else that can be done. You work with the tools you have, kind of like how Arc convinced Arianne to help him rob the place.
This is an excellent example of how to be creative. You cannot say that you just want to rob the place, but you do not want to like it. I can see the conundrum that Arc was placed in. So you have to find a truth that makes your crime sound just, and Arc did this brilliantly. It is a good thing that Arianne is a reasonably naive girl, or would a better thing to say be she is just dedicated to their cause. Thus the greatest heist of the century was pulled off, and Arc has more money than some nations.
Season 1 Episode 2
Kind of paying attention
This will be one of those anime where the main character gets involved in all sorts of stuff and does not pay attention. I mean, I guess Arc did notice the ring on the monster's leg, but still, it was kind of a fleeting thing. However, it is interesting that everyone seems to make up their own version of his back story so they can overlook his so-called amnesia. That is kind of new; most of the time, people just remind themselves not to pry because it is none of their business.