Epic Team Pop
I will rate this after I am done with other anime and stuff
Actual Nonsense
Ugh man this one, I guess I will have to ramble about this one for a bit. I am not sure what i can really say since I kind of gave up on it early but man I can do my best to talk and say nothing. Anyway, yeah I could not watch this anime. This anime is just too confusing there is too much missing context and stuff. I mean really do they expect people to watch this crap or something? Ugh this is so annoying I really wish that I could figure something out. So lets start with what the show claims.
So the first problem is the show claims this is like a mini comic or whatever you call a daily web comic with random four panels of stuff every once in a while. It is clearly gag humor and stuff but there seems to be no coherent story line. Which is not the problem the problem is all the bits are four panel clips. It is rare that I feel like and anime took too long to end but this is the worst how do people decide that it would be a worth while thing to animate this crap? I mean seriously I just wish I could do something about about this stuff there is not much left to do.
Then there is the weird humor, now I am not stranger to Japanese humor but it was like someone watched one of those really terrible Adult Swim shows and then said "That would be funnier in another country" or "I bet they do not have that in japan" or something. Anyway it was hard to watch this anime because the humor is really not that funny, more confusing. Then you have the fact that no context is given as to why things are funny. I have watched my fair share of weird stuff but damn at least they try to build up some context. Then there is the weirdly high production value.
You have these goofy looking shorts that take up the majority of the episode then you get a whole couple of minutes of awesome anime intro which looks like it could be more entertaining than the actual anime itself. I hate it when I am disappointed by the fact that your standard rom-com anime, which would be bland and not too entertaining, seems to be better than this piece of crap. I mean geez why do I even bother with this stuff sometimes? Still the worst part is how long an episode felt.
I am more than willing to quit an episode after one episode. However, that one episode cannot feel like an entire portion of my life was actually wasted. When I get half-way through an episode and decide that I would rather stare at the wall or something or go out and talk to people I know that something is wrong and that I should probably ditch it. It is rare that I cannot finish an entire episode and this is one of those shameful times for me so I would say if you needed a reason to not watch an anime that is the main reason to not do it.
So all in all maybe you need to have a certain level of drugs in your system for this anime to be something that I would actually want to watch but since I do not do those kinds of drugs that would be needed I am going to have to go out on a limb and say that you should probably not watch this if you do not have those one hand. I mean geez i could only hope that watching this anime while high would make it better but you never know how bad something could really be.