Hero Bank
I will rate this after I am done with other anime and stuff
Beyond Cookie Cutter
I just cannot watch this anime any more. Mainly because I know that this stupid kid will never get what is coming to him. I mean I feel like I am complimenting him when I call him a retarded sociopath. I mean geez.. what the hell man? It just drives me off the freaking wall how he just gets to be a sociopath and everyone thinks he is great. That is what really kills this for me.
I understand hot-blooded main stars are pretty popular especially in anime directed at young boys, but this is going off the wall. In all the episodes I watched he rarely ever bet anything that actually effected him in the gamble rounds or whatever. He was always able to bet something that belonged to someone else who had nothing to do with him which gave him little incentive to win. Of course he desire to not lose was what made it so he would win. Even worse is he never loses.
Come on no one is perfect. Especially in a fist fight he is going to lose to someone with more experience and power than him. Yet for some reason every single adult who was ranked higher than him lost to him. You know because of his "guts" or whatever. Why is it that in a digital world where everything is determined by computers and a character has a limited amount of HP How is it that this kid who was constantly just sitting there and taking it for the duration of the match managing to come back and one shot the person who is clearly winning? I mean come on, I am all for sudden comebacks, but what the hell... he needs to be given a swift reality check.
I am also not a fan of this whole adults are against children sort of theme that goes on in this anime. True enough there are plenty of adults who did some pretty messed up stuff to the kids. However, geez you could make it so that more than just one or two are sensible and willing to be a part of the kids life as a good role model. This anime basically shows that everyone is who is not in elementary school is out to get you, if you are a kid. I thought the whole point of this anime was to show a kid overcoming something. Not making every adult into an idiot... I mean seriously, who the fuck gives a fish market over to a kid? Maybe here in America, but not over there.
I just cannot watch this anime anymore. I had an idea of what to expect coming in, but man... I would rather watch a show aimed at toddlers than this. The only thing that this show will teach kids is that as long as you smile a lot and are close to a small group of people you can get away with anything that you want. Maybe I have an unusual moral system, but last time I checked taking something without asking if it is okay to take it is wrong. Then again, I guess there are different morals int he anime world. Well whatever I guess I am just going to kill this one off and get it over with because I cannot stand to watch it any more.