RPG Fudousan
Everyday life is boring and tedious, even in a fantasy world. At least it is easier to handle when you have cute girls.
I have yet to write this... because I am lazy or something
I have yet to write this... because I am lazy or something
Fifteen years after the demon lord was defeated, a young girl named Kotone heads to the capital to start her new job at the real estate firm RPG. Yes, of course, that means Rent Plan Guide. This is the story of her daily life, trying to help her clients find new places to live. All the while trying to adapt to life in the big city.
Season 1 Episode 5
Here are the swimsuits
So first things first, what is the deal with Kotone? I mean, seriously, what is the deal with that swimsuit? You have no straps, and it appears to barely contain your boobs. Then for good measure, you get an excellent window into the center that screams, I am going to pop your nipple out for the world to see. I mean, how do her boobs even stay in that thing? I cannot see how physics works. I get that this is a distracting fan service episode, but still. Then there is poor Ririka.
I mean, the poor girl has a hard time because she is one of those girls who are not into feminine things, but I still have to sigh at her coping about her boob size. I mean, she is not technically wrong or anything. If she had a chest like Kotone's, her boobs would get in the way still, though that was a pretty lame way of coping with her overall supposed lack of femininity.
Season 1 Episode 2
Changing cloths.
So this is a mystifying thing that happens in this anime. All of the girls have their standard work outfits. However, I guess they are cursed or something and can only be worn in the office. After all, every time they leave to show someone a property, they return to the class-specific outfits they wear all the rest of the year. That makes a lot of sense and is probably just a way to make the day faster. Think about it. They are girls, so they probably have to take their time and do their hair and all that stuff to just go out for the showing of the property. Then they need to change back into their uniforms again. No wonder they never rent or sell anything very easily.