DRAMAtical Murder
I will rate this after I am done with other anime and stuff
Too Much Going On
This is one that I am dropping with some reluctance, I might pick it back up in the future. I think the main reason for dropping this is not so much that it is a bad anime. Overall, it has the making of a great anime. The problem is the anime just has way too much going on to fill in all the blanks for me. As a result, I am just not really able to get excited to watch the series.
First off the setting is obnoxiously complex. As far as I can tell there are two casts of society, the lower and upper casts. The lower portion of society lives in the normal world while the upper society live in luxury. Nothing too unusual there, there seem to be some discrimination overtones though. Next we have the gangs of the lower society. This is where I get confused. I mean it seems like the lower society is in a never-ending gang war. Aoba seems to have affiliation with 3 different major gangs in the city. Which also makes things confusing. Each controls territory or something? I do not really know to be honest, they are all to friendly with each other to really seem like they are gangs fighting for territory. The we have the this huge blank spot called Aoba.
At first he seems like your typical anime main character. You know boring, nothing all to special about him. However, as the series progresses there is more and more added about him. First he is some kind of super powerful fighter with a repressed personality. Then there is the fact that he picked up a disciple some where along the way. Finally we have the upper society treating him like he is some kind of experiment. I assume that all three of these things are connected, but there is just so much space everywhere to make the anime.. well hard to follow to be honest. The only reason I know all of these are related is because.. well it is an anime. Otherwise they each seem to be individual problems on their own. Next there is the focus on the creative side.
Now I am all for having lots of cool outfits to cosplay and all sorts of neato artwork and creative names. However, it really feels like this anime wanted to be an MMO or something. All the main characters are very unique in.. well everything, their outfits, personalities, hobbies. Then you have this cast of NPCs who follow the gang leaders around. The only unique thing about the NPCs is how they have their gang tattooed all on their physical being. Then there is the overall difference in the two major parts of society. The difference in the upper cast and the lower cast. The artwork is like night and day. I mean really the upper society looks like something out of a sci-fi anime while the lower society looks like typical japan. I mean I am not complaining or anything I like such illustrations. However, there is just too much missing to make me really excited about the anime.
Putting Aoba aside the world is full huge blank spots that are just begging to be filled in. The only reason to fill them in is to make people buy movies and OVAs and stuff like that. That is all that I can really see. There are hints that something happened all over the place. However, what exactly happened, when it happened, how it happened is.. well just not there and that makes and anime hard to follow. I mean why does everyone and their mom seem to be a part of some gang? How did the upper society get built? What is the connection Aoba has to all of this? Just too many questions which make the anime hard to get excited about.
So yeah I guess I have to say what makes this anime hard on me is the fact that it is just so hard to follow. I am okay with slowly introducing a world. However, it feels like large chunks of this anime were just left out. Like the author had an idea and just put it in and would feel like he or she would develop the details later. I guess the anime just feels.. well I do not know.. sloppy and hacked together. It still has some potential, but overall I cannot bring myself to watch it right now.