Gensou Angokushi: Tengen Reishinki
I will rate this after I am done with other anime and stuff
I am so Very Lost
Really I can sum up things in the title of this review, but I guess I need to waste your time and elaborate a bit since that is the whole point of this thing. For starters, the world is too complex to just jump right in. Well, too difficult, or the author is terrible at easing you into everything. Then there is the superpowered character, who is basically the one who does all the work, which is annoying. Plus, the mysterious boss makes for an anime that is hard to follow.
I mean, the boss is pretty typical anime crappy manager type. She is an old, attractive female who has clearly never been told no. She runs around and does what she wants and then punishes people who disagree with her and stuff like that. Not to mention how she just sort of shows up and watches as the team almost fails. Not to mention when we need something explained. She just shows up and explains the thing, which makes no sense since we just opened the book halfway and started reading.
I am not a huge fan of anime that has to have an intro and then ends up wasting the one season the anime gets on that intro. However, that generally comes with an asterisk that the author is good at easing us into the series. Not this time around. Nope instead of easing us in, the viewers are just thrown into the fire and hope for the best. I guess that is done in some anime where you are expected to the required reading, but that only works when it is a comedy where the only thing that is really missing is the character intros. Not the entire universe. Especially the paradox that is the female lead.
I am not even going to try and understand what is going on with her. She is just kind of this never-ending paradox. She is over-powered, whiny, and obnoxious. Not to mention when you get her back story, things make even less sense than they did originally. Which makes her a much less sympathetic character. Even in parody anime like One Punch Man, the main character had some back story that made a little sense. Her backstory is just magic, and that is not the only magic.
To the credit of the author, this was the least confusing aspect of the anime, the magic. All you really need to know is that they are magic users. Of course, how they became magic users or why magic users seem to be extra-judicial is not really explained, but I guess that is lost in the fog of this anime. The magic is still pretty confusing, though. I am not sure how to quantify it. There are anime where the magic is random and weird, but at least it is simple. One does not get to be complicated and arbitrary.
All that matters is I am tired of watching the anime because I am partially physically tired. I am not sure whether or not I want to continue because I am annoyed. I could not even get excited about the anime if I wanted to. I basically forgot about this anime on the week-to-week schedule. Heck, I was even disappointed to see it when it came up on the schedule. It was a stark reminder that the weekend was over and far away the next one. Well, at least I can hopefully spare some other pain.