Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to
Beautiful loli, handsome man, desperately trying to not fall in love with each other. Let the obnoxious jokes about isekai spill forth and amuse us.
Parodies have more than one joke
You know I do enjoy a good comedy parody of a genre. You know one where there is nothing but obnoxious jokes and the hilarious nature of how stupid some of the tropes are. However, no single series can survive on one joke alone. There have to be more jokes in the series. You can, of course, have a central joke, which this series does, but you need to have more than just that.
Yes, we get the joke Tachibana is hot. Everyone believes she is the hottest thing in the world. She is a goddess in their eyes. Sadly she is also a mob-character loser male who is jealous of his amazing hot friend. Yes, we get that joke, and his hot friend is just trying to not fall in love with this Tachibana. Yes, the joke has been played out. The hotness is getting in the way of everything, and we want to destroy the demon lord so things can go back to normal. I mean, you can have such a thing be the main joke of the series that constantly gets in the way of things. However, it does not need to be front and center for everything. When you make that the main joke, nothing of interest happens elsewhere.
I should say that one needs to really pay attention to a series to get the rest of the story. A story is actually a bit richer than you would realize. However, the series decides to do the hot girl falling in love thing for so long you do not realize it. So in order to follow what is going on, one must watch and pay attention which kind of ruins everything. Seems the author is not a very funny guy. At least this series is cheap to produce, right?
It is easy to understand the cute simple block-like characters designs in comedy. They show the mood and thought process better than any well-drawn expression can. However, stuff like that is not a replacement for the actual animation. At times this series seems to place all the effort in the sparkles that is Tachibana's beauty. Then no time actually animating anything outside of that. The amount of time that characters spend in their block form and another character spends being seen from behind talking is out of hand. Maybe that was the main drawing point for this series? It is too bad this series seems to waste its time on all this nonsense.
The series does seem to have some potential for being something that could be a great long story. However, no one will now. After all, Tachibana is hot, and his friend, Jinguuji, is trying desperately not to fall in love, and it seems Tachibana does the same. So we do not really need anything more for that. Still, there is a set of good characters and a reasonably solid setting. So instead of writing a good story with comedy elements. The author wastes time trying to write hilarious jokes. How did this series ever get to be a manga?
All in all, this series could have potential. The series seems like it could be tolerable as a marathon, however, only as a marathon, not a week-to-week thing. This is not good for the die-hard fans who want more than just the standard 12 episodes. At least when you do a marathon, it can seem like a chore. When there is an overload on the stupid jokes, one can just take a break and do something else while that overload is slowly dissipated. Time will tell if this series is even remembered outside of the die-hard manga fans.