Koi wa Sekai Seifuku no Ato de
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I have yet to write this... because I am lazy or something
I have yet to write this... because I am lazy or something
The Gelato five are the front line against the Secret Society Gekko, who want to rule the world or something. However, unbeknownst to both groups, two The Reaper Princess and Gelato Red are secretly dating. What will happen to these two love birds as they continue to march down the path of the forbidden love between two people who should be enemies.
Season 1 Episode 11
I like Judgement
I guess this series tries to get every character type into this anime. However, I am glad that they showed us, Princess Judgement. I like her logical nature. Not even Desumi could break past her super logical barrier, which protects her from everyday concepts like friendship. It is funny how easy it is to disarm people by asking why these concepts are good or necessary. Then there is the whole secret relationship thing.
I guess everyone in Gekko is just kind of dim or something? I mean, why are they so stupid? Desumi literally talks about being in love and how necessary and wonderful it is. Yet no one has figured it out. Then in this episode, she knows some pretty intimate details about Fudo, yet no one suspects her for some reason. When you focus on being a villain professionally, that is just how things work out. Oh well, I guess we get to see how they try and wrap this one up.
Season 1 Episode 8
Hardcore secret identity
Well, that is an interesting turn of events. I figured someone would find out sooner or later, but who would have thought this would happen. I mean, how does someone do that in an evil secret society like Gekko? Of course, I am talking about the Flame princess and managing to hide her identity from everyone in Gekko. Well, I guess that is why she is so good a fishing out secrets. One who has to keep a secret like that, somehow, must be good at finding out secrets. It is interesting how Fudo managed to handle her and get her off his back.
Season 1 Episode 10
So that is an idea
That was a good idea that Desumi had. Who would think the actual Red Gelato and Reaper princess would be at the school festival? It makes sense that they could only have that at the end. After all, a good chunk of the school is also a part of Gekko, which is weird that they all want to go to high school and do the world domination thing. Still, it was a good idea, and no one would be the wiser. Though I am curious if Desmui's confederates saw her would they know it is her? Then there is Anna.
I was under the impression that when she said that she liked Desmui, it was your typical yuri crush. Not this weird crazy stalker thing. I guess those details were lost in the frey to try and get all of this show out in the next two weeks, which is disappointing. That crazy stalker behavior is fun when the character has more screen time. However, Anna is just a filler, so I guess the fun obsession will have to wait. Well, either way, it was an interesting idea for the character.
Season 1 Episode 3
Is all the fighting for show?
So let me get this straight no one knows why the Gelato 5 keeps showing up whenever Gekko is going to attack? I mean, really, this makes me wonder about the leadership. Surely someone has to have noticed by now that something is going on. Oh well, I guess it is creative how they are going about doing this. I mean, Fudo and Desumi are clever getting all their date locations in without getting caught running away and going on a date so that is a good thing. No one would believe that those two are secretly dating.
Season 1 Episode 4
It took that long?
Well, it was bound to happen somewhere along the line. Someone was going to find out. I am kind of disappointed that it was pink, though. Then again, I guess the only thing that yellow would do is give Fudo condoms and advice on how to get Desumi into the love hotels. So I think this is the natural choice at the end of the day. Still, I am kind of curious about this whole triangle thing that they have going on here. I mean.... it seems like pink is just going to play the innocent lookout for them. Or is this going to be one of those secret rivalries?
Season 1 Episode 6
The Swimsuits
Wow, you know you have an amazing organization when they have unique swimsuit costumes for all the higher-ups. Granted, I am a bit confused as to why the beast princess was the only one to get the joke swimsuit, but I guess it suits her hyper-aggressive attitude and stuff. Well, no matter, I guess that is just how this episode is supposed to go. Besides, who actually cares about non-Desumi-related stuff anyway. Though it is funny how Desumi is getting all sorts of promotions as a result of her giving away all the information in exchange for dates.