Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
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I have yet to write this... because I am lazy or something
I have yet to write this... because I am lazy or something
Narofumi is just your average boring college student until he reads a book and is summoned to another world as a hero. It is really too bad that he ended up and the most hated hero the shield hero. One thing let to another and well now he has been cast out on his own with nothing, not even his reputation. Luckily when he broke he swore he would become a legend and now he is off on his quest to prove his metal.
Season 2 Episode 2
Is this the same show?
Well, you know things are off to a great start when I have to ask the question, is this the same anime. I mean, really, is it the same anime? I am confused about this. I mean, I want it to be the same anime, but at the same time, it looks like they were not really prepared for the second season. I want to say that I felt this way because I read the manga, but no, I do not think that is the case. It feels like the series was pasted together, and they are trying to reset on a new arc.
The first couple of minutes of the series is not even a good "here is what you missed" They show some characters and recap how the last season ended, but they show some characters and then kind of just dive into the deep end. Since they probably were not expecting another season, this might be the case. You get warp introduced to new characters, and then we are off. I am surprised they could not pull off another 44-minute episode this time around. That really helped make the first episode of the first season much better. I guess there was not much money in it. I mean, the animation shows that much. I will say it was a mistake to rewatch the first season because there is a noticeable quality drop.
Season 1 Episode 22
The proper way to transition
You know it is pretty rare for anime to completely resolve the main reason for a character's quest and then make the transition enjoyable. I guess you have to be a good writer when you do not have many characters in the show who have a back story to allow you to bridge the gap. The best part about is a particular transition is I am not annoyed with it. There is real growth and stuff like that. You can see the shift for what is going to be the next major conflict in the series, I think. I am not sure what that conflict is, feels like it will have something to do with all the other heroes sucking at life. Well, no matter, at least there is a story to follow, and the writing is interesting enough that even without the whole crime and exile thing adding that extra edge it is nice when an anime does not rely on telling other back stories to fill the time. Though I am getting kind of scared. I am definitely getting that feeling that there will be a mid-arc break in the series, which will be annoying and sad.
Season 1 Episode 20
Fights are Hard
Well, that was annoying. Here I was expecting a nice and glorious battle to end all battles or to launch the next arc and what do I get, a clip show. I mean I guess animation is getting too expensive or something. I do not know why animators cannot do much more than make clip shows with one gigantic kill at the end. I mean really you take out the whole part where Narofumi engages his rage and all the girls come to his rescue, and we could have been well on our way to the next arc. Sadly this series is making less and less sense as time goes on.
I wonder what the rest of the series will be like now that Narofumi has received his innocence back. I hope that he does not get all sappy and stuff that would be annoying. I am kind of concerned, though a character growing in the way that he has is always fun, it is hard to see the show without his bitterness. Oh well, at least we are coming to the end. I can only hope that they do not waste a bunch of time doing another hot spring episode where everyone bonds. You know to pad things out so sales can make the second season possible or something.
Season 1 Episode 14
That was creative
Wow, I have to say that I cannot fault the first princess too much she is making things interesting and coming up with good plans. I guess being crazy helps with that. I will say that she is nice and creative claiming the brainwashing shield and all of that. Well, it was pretty obvious what her current plot is but you know it is nice to know that I am right and that works out just fine for me. A lot gets explained though, and that is nice.
Like for instance the whole state religion that they have. Makes a lot more sense why they are treating Narufumi like crap after all he is the one they went out of their way to openly exclude from the religion. It is easy to hate someone when they are written out as a side character and left to rot. Oh well, I guess it shall be interesting to see what comes next. I am not sure what the queen could possibly have for him, but it has to be something worthwhile.
Season 1 Episode 18
Wasting another week
So while I appreciate the thrust of this episode to help us start wondering more about what is going on in the kingdom, I am getting kind of bored of all of these detours that seem to do little more than take up space and time. I mean really, why do we have to go over this whole thing with the bird queen? There is all this nonsense about getting along and killing people and stuff like that. I wish there would be more real story than just the empty, meaningless flashbacks and vague info that has no point or value to anyone. Narufumi needs to get to the country where the queen is, and we need to see what happens next to progress the story along. I mean we are running out of time, and I am not sure if there are another 12 episodes to show up next week.
Season 1 Episode 4
Sometimes you have to think
You know Narofumi could have solved this problem if he was not so angry and paranoid. I mean think about it for just one second. He could have told the king to just free Raphatalia, but before the king does that he could have explained that he could buy another slave the next day, to the king. Oh well, I guess that is why he is seen as the most average of people or something. It is one of those things that happens. Anyway, at least it was amusing how it all ends. Not that it was not obvious how things would end.
Season 1 Episode 6
This Moves Like a Game
So this would be an annoying filler quest in a game. I mean really, that would be the point. Then again, it could be a side quest, and you could buy clothes all the time. Well, whatever, my point is the more that I think about this anime, the more it moves along its plot points like a game. Now maybe I am just focusing too much on the obsession Narofumi has with his levels and stuff, but still, it is something to think about. This particular episode felt like one of those quests that you do to fill up the game. Not that the quest/episode was not well written and did an excellent job of developing the character of Narofumi, but in the end, it felt like filler. Oh well, at least that is over for now, based on the amount of time that has been wasted though I am going to think that the next wave will be starting soon.