Finally New Seasons
I am pretty sure I might have ranted about this already, but why not rent again since I need to fill up space and stuff. We are coming up on the end of the spring season. This means the usual end-of-season lull where I will have not to be excited about anything going on and the next season. Well, this season, there are many anime that is finally getting to return to the anime world. I guess the times are really hard in Japan because no one is buying any anime. Then again, most of these were light novels, so I guess you must wait longer than manga?
So one of my favorite series, Overlord, is finally coming back after four years. There was a delay between the first three seasons, but not like this one. Hard to believe that it has been over four years. I am excited to see this one too. We finally get to see if Momonga will keep going full villain. He was definitely moving in that direction. I mean the last couple of episodes of season three, Momonga never once was shocked or appalled at the action of the NPCs. Still, I am concerned he will relapse into his wimpy self. That was one of the more jarring things about this series. There are times when he plays the role of the CEO. Then there are times he is just your usual local grunt. So we shall see what is going to happen. Granted, I am a bit skeptical about this season. After all, there were characters teased during season two that never appeared again and were not killed off or anything. That will be fun to see what happens. Granted, the wait for overlord was nowhere near as bad as Devil is a part-timer.
The devil is a part-timer flopped pretty hard when it came out. You know, despite being one of the best anime of the season, in my humbler opinion. Well, I guess they are willing to try and scratch that itch almost a decade later. Granted, I am not a huge fan of the series synopsis at the moment. I am never a fan of time travel anime where kids come back to live with their parents. However, that is a pretty popular thing in a lot of anime. The worst part is that they left off in a spot where there were many ways the anime could have gone. I just hope that revelations about the nature of the relationship between Emilia and Maou are not something like they just decided to get married. You know, kind of like how Bulma married Vegeta.
Another potential returner is in another world with my cellphone. This one is surprisingly good. I was not expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. I guess the author slammed on the brakes at the end of the series. However, it got to a point that was acceptable to leave off on. Then again, I am not sure what else could be said about that series as well. Thinking back on it, the series feels like it does not care if it goes on. Still, I guess I did enjoy it enough to want a season two, so there is that. Granted, I hope they will not force a swimsuit episode in the way the author did in season one. I mean, I get casual fun series, but it was weird how they decided to just force that in there and break up the action.
Now comes the painful part of this wait. The wait for the premiers. I hate having to wait for these seasons to begin and end. I guess I have a few series I could not get myself excited to watch weekly. Still, I am not sure many of them will keep me interested for a marathon. Then again, I am extremely bored and unmotivated, so that might be something else to do. I need to just buckle down and watch them. Then I force a review out and call it a night. My usual standard practice for the anime that I have a hard time watching. Still, it would be nice to not have to deal with this stuff all the time.