The Cost of Living
You know it gets to be annoying when I get lazy like this. I guess I should expect it from myself, but it hurt me more than I thought this time between taxes, vets, and other stuff I have on the yearly calendar. This month has been painful for me. I mean, I guess there are a lot of things that I could do to fix things, but why waste the effort?
I guess I could be less lazy and move along with myself. That might be something to try. I mean, this has been my pattern for the past couple of years. I mean, I have been paying taxes. Usually, I am good and do what needs to be done and get that out of the way sooner rather than later. Then again, I guess it is good that I am going around paying taxes. I am sure that the IRS wants me to pay up more than they want to waste time auditing a single person like me. Granted, all this money stuff is getting in the way, making it hard to want to do anything.
I need to get back on that train of doing the whole posting stuff. Granted, I am still suffering from the painful need to watch stuff. Plus, you couple that with other stuff, and I have to just sort of sitting around and hope that I will be getting my daily work done to pay the bills. Well, I guess this season is a bit better for anime. Seemed like last season everything was so sparse, but this season seems well-balanced. Then again, I did skip a lot of stuff last season. However, this season will be different. With the death of Funimation and the lack of new stuff on HiDive, I can make this work better.
Still, this stuff is going to be complicated. I guess I will have to be patient in the coming months while I recover financially. I guess that means no new anime to buy. Well, that also means that I am less hurt by there being no conventions as well. Still, I really need to expand my collection, among other things. Well, at least I can try to keep this going and make more posts here and do stuff correctly if I can find the ability to care about in the episodes that I watch of stuff.