All One Shot
Has anime given up? I am left to wonder that amid the end of this season of anime. I mean, of the anime I watched, not one of them seemed interested in continuing on. Do not get me wrong. They teased that there could be more than there was more. Even better, the authors are really good at what they do and do a fantastic job of writing out universes. However, one by one, the series just ended. Which I guess is better than the usual cliffhanger stuff you got in the past.
I remember those days, too, when every season ended on a cliffhanger because of reasons. I guess they wanted to give people a reason to keep watching or fund them by buying the DVDs? Either way, that was just as annoying. Maybe that was more annoying because some series are tough to watch. After all, they will end on something big, and you will not know when they will return, if ever. However, there is a lot of payoff in waiting for these shows to start up again.
There are several shows that have just decided that they will be coming back in the next couple of years. I guess it was worth the wait. Granted, those shows are not what I would expect them to be. Not to mention when more than three years pass between seasons, there are going to be some, I guess, continuity issues. We saw this in Irregular at Magic High school. Our excellent show had all sorts of stuff from an era past where whistles were the thing in pop music, and the animation was good. We return to the world of crappy animation and remarkably stock music.
That is something else that I am noticing as well. All the anime these days is not getting the proper treatment. It is one thing to look back on old, poorly made anime that remained poorly made because of costs. Still, these days when anime is poorly made, it is all digital, so the company can go back in and do a bunch of upgrades to incentivize buying the actual releases. Then again, most people are not buying those. I guess the otaku hordes in Japan are not as good at what they did in the past, where a small group of them could easily fund an entire series. Not that anime is really taking any chances these days either.
I mean, everyone wants to have the next Dragonball or Sailor Moon, but well nothing is that great. Since animation is complex, one just has to enjoy the manga and hope that the anime takes off like some series did back in the day. Granted, I wonder if people are just not watching anime anymore. I guess we will see. At least there are sites out there that are willing to keep on showing the differences between the TV and Blu-ray releases.
Well, let us hope that there is more than one season out there where the series will not be cheaply drawn and cram a bunch of stuff into just one season. I know that hoping for such a thing is stupid and pointless, but I guess I can hope for the best right? Not like there is much else that I can do. At least the next season is looking to be really entertaining.