Beat more games
Wow, there really is nothing going on in my life, so that will make it hard to actually make any individual posts outside of writing reviews and blogs for the anime I watch. I want to be able to do that. I want to have my random opinions, but I pride myself on being a boring piece of crap which means there is nothing to talk about. I guess I could try and find something to talk about, but that would require more fandom stuff on my part. I am not sure what to do other than I need to beat more games.
I am still in the cycle of starting a bunch of games and then not playing them for a month or something like that. This is hard because I would like to have more games to review, but I guess I need to be less obsessed. The problem that I am having is playing with my capture card. I want to record my games and put them on the internet so that those who do not want to pay money for this hobby do not have to. However, when you have a computer as crashy as mine, doing such a thing is really hard. Well, for non-PC games anyway.
I really wish my computer was less crashy because the console capture card I have does not write the file until you say stop recording. I am not sure who came up with that design, but I guess that is all I can do. I think I could see if there is a way to use the play back file, but that might be time-consuming and stupid. I do not know; I just need to figure out how to be able to play the game for long enough. Then I need to make it so that the game saves itself. I guess I need to rebuild my computer anyway.
Yet another problem that I have I am running out of disk space. For all my backup projects and stuff, you would think I would have enough disk space with the 20 terabytes that I have, but no, I am about 50% of the way through those drives. I guess I could finally do my blu-ray drive for backups after a decade, but then again, who knows if the thing will burn just data. This is one of those really annoying and confusing to have to deal with. Then, on top of all that, I have to control myself when it comes to new games.
I think I will reinvoke my standard of not buying games from computer stores. That is the hard part. I already went through my buying spree years ago, and I have to get it out of my system. Especially since the 3DS store will be shutting down soon. That is just how the world works, I guess. Then again, some games can only be bought on PC, and the days of the game that you can buy a physical copy on the PC are long gone. There is not much I can do about that. I guess I should stop going to amazon for a while. That is another problem Amazon is great at making me find games that I did not know existed. Granted, I was nice and bummed out about not being able to get a special edition, but that is a good thing that is $100 I am not spending, and I should try to stay within my budget given how things are going right now. I guess I need to just get back on the impulse-controlling train.
Such are my woes at the moment. I am not sure how I will cope. I can manage in the usual way and just stay inside and away from stores and actually just sit around and play games. Then again, when you have to choose a game that makes things all the more annoying, I guess I will have to find the motivation to keep playing and making things. There is nothing that I can do other than keep on going and make this stuff be over stuff. Well, whatever, I guess I am just wasting your time and my time writing this, so I think I will end it here.