Spy X Family
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I have yet to write this... because I am lazy or something
I have yet to write this... because I am lazy or something
He is a spy who will go to any length to complete his mission for the peace of the world. Even if it means faking a family. She is an assassin who is drawing too much attention as a single female. Finally, she is a little girl who can read minds who just wants to stop living in an orphanage and have a family. She also likes spy comics. I guess we shall see what happens when all of their goals align and they all play family.
Season 1 Episode 5
Yes it is perfectly normal again
Once again, we are seeing the perfectly everyday way life happens. You know, in a country with a hostile relationship with your home country. It is perfectly normal for a bunch of people to rent out a castle and just show up in speed boats, helicopters, and stuff like that out of nowhere to play with a kid. Yes, no one would bat an eye at that happening. Then again, I guess the more dangerous person was Yor.
I have to wonder if Loid just forgot that Yor could kick ass? She helped him back in episode two, but he did not think much of it since he seemed surprised that she could fight so well. Granted, I am not sure how you handled that situation. The drunk person has no control, and you have to take her down in a way that will not hurt her more than the hangover. I guess it is a good thing that she just passed out.
Season 1 Episode 5
Anya is an idiot
Hmm, well, I guess this is one of those things where Anya being the idiot is what makes the anime so much better right? I mean, first, she is told how she will get bullied and kidnapped. That is always fun to say to a child right off the bat. Then in order to protect herself, she gets to have Yor teach her how to fight. Which I guess is a good idea. Then you forget that she is an idiot and probably needs to be taught to hold back a bit. However, there is one joke that is losing its cute factor.
You know the joke where Anya reads a person's mind, and then she reacts to what the person was thinking. That was cute initially, but it is starting to lose its punch. Maybe she could figure out how to use her powers a bit better than this. Or at least try and play along with the whole spy thing. Granted, I guess that would make the series run too smoothly. I guess we will just have to make all that be done for now. Still, at least this anime is finally ramping up. I was getting kind of bored of all the steps to this part.
Season 1 Episode 3
Do not ask or tell
I think that is a good policy to have when your entire existence is a lie. I mean, why bother drawing too much attention to yourself when you need to keep a low profile. That is why you do not ask for details. We just keep our mouths shut, and no one has to know. Granted, I am a bit concerned as to how the author is going to stretch the series for the next couple of episodes. I wonder how they will either end the series or forcibly transition to another mission where the unorthodox family keeps on existing doing new spy stuff.
Season 1 Episode 2
No that is not strange
Yikes, hell hath no fury like a jealous female. I mean, geez, what a bitch that co-worker is. She spends all her time building up Yor and then trashing her down. I mean, I know that is pretty standard when a female is jealous of another female, but this takes it a bit far. I mean, this is middle school levels of obnoxiousness. At least, I think so. Then you get to follow up with all the stuff that happens that Yor and Loid do not bat an eye at.
I mean, let us start off with Yor catching that tray with her foot. Is this one of those times when both the anime's main characters are so detached from actual reality that they cannot see that things do not work that way? I mean, first, we have that with the tray, and then we have Loid and his patients with a "Psychotic" episode. Yes, it is perfectly normal for a crazy patient to try and run the psychologist off the road. I mean, I know that is the that a lot of people feel about Shrinks but let's be real here. That was a bit extreme. Granted, the end is pretty epic and worth the watch for that.