Just watch the end
So this anime is probably milking the success of the manga. That has to be it. One of the main reasons you should avoid this anime is that nothing really happens until episode 8. The anime comes off as boring as you watch it because there is nothing going on. It is just introducing, very poorly, I might add, the characters.
So I am assuming that this anime is an amine where characters can be very thin. This is likely done to ensure that the action sequences receive the attention they deserve. However, when there is no action for several episodes, there is very little reason to watch the anime. Especially given how many people die in this anime.
So after you get the main cast of Denji, Power, and Aki introduced, we are introduced to a whole slew of new characters. Several chunks of a couple of episodes were dedicated to having these random nobody characters appear. I cannot say there is much more other than to maybe get us to feel a bit more visceral reaction to the deaths of all these characters. No sooner are a lot of new characters introduced than those characters are wiped out. Then there is the best part of this, that was not even the full cast of all the characters. There are even more who get to have one or two scenes before we see them again. Sadly all the characters seem like they are going to all be insane or something.
I guess I get what is going on with Denji. I mean, he had to spend his life as a child hunting demons. However, that also seems to be the archetype for all the new characters. They are all crazy and dumb. Which I guess is to be expected since many of them are demons or something. However, it does get a bit annoying when the only one whatever intelligent character is Aki. Otherwise, it is just like watching a bunch of adult children run around and maybe kill a demon from time to time. You know, while they are not doing some corporate outing or something. This brings me back to the whole slow boil thing.
This anime was a bit of a slog to get through to the good point. The writers occasionally show off the chainsaws, but the chainsaws are short-lived. Even in the big battle at the end, there is not really that much going on. I guess that time was a factor or something? After all, there are only 12 episodes. Of course, they have returned to the late 2000s trend of setting up the next arc at the end of the season.
So we are given almost no information about the point of this division. We have all the characters who are set up, ready to move on to the next major thing. Then the season ends with kind of a wet fart. The fight between the Chainsaw and the Katana is boring, and then the series ends. It is really kind of boring and disappointing, to say the least. I guess with a manga this popular, you might get another season soon enough, but still, I find it hard to actually get excited for the next season, given how the season has turned out so far.
All in all, the series has some potential. However, it took too long and wasted too much time trying to build itself up. You can have named extras. That is fine, but there was no real need to waste the time of everyone talking about these characters and meeting them. There could have been much more time spent on trying to have demon fighting and dealing with the actual antagonist of the series, the gun demon. Instead, we get to watch Denji and Power act like idiots, and that is that. So I guess if the chainsaws are really that cool, you might want to skip this one.