The NPC is the Protaganist
So here is a funny series in the new genre of people getting to be reincarnated as video game characters. You know, not as the protagonist and not as the main character even. This one is an NPC/mob character, and he is a good NPC. Well, Leon wants to be a good NPC until his ideal life of going to school, getting married, and becoming a do nothing backwater noble is almost ended by his stepmom. Thus he must take some time to dive into his past life and get some interesting knowledge to save his ideal life.
That is one great aspect of this anime. The main character only cares about the knowledge of the game. All too often, in these kinds of anime, the characters try to recreate their life in Japan once they realize that they are no longer there. If anything, Leon was kind of annoyed by the fact that he had to remember anything. However, when the knowledge would serve him, it served him well. Plus, the game makes it pretty obvious that he is only overpowered because of his microtransaction.
I do like how they get that jab into the series as well. That was fun to think about and watch. Leon, on his own, is not all that strong, to be honest. He is primarily able to do so much because of his gear. It is pretty obvious he would be nothing without it. I mean, the most he accomplished was getting the gear. Then good old Luxon did all the work for him. It is kind of funny how much he hates this game, too, since it is tied to his sister torturing him.
I guess another fun aspect of this game is that the author takes his time bashing on many games that try to do too much and make a terrible game. Leon recalls many times how the love interests are weak and unbalanced in combat, making the game barely playable. I talked about how the game was weird because it was supposed to be a fantasy world but still had lots of mechanical science stuff. So it was kind of nice seeing that. Plus, you get to see a second reincarnation.
This is a new thing, having more than one person from earth reincarnate into the world with the protagonist. This one is kind of funny since she wants to be the protagonist. I guess that is easy to do when you know everything about the game. It also gives the author an excuse to keep the other main characters around. Pretty much after Leon defeats them, there is no purpose for them. So you add another character exploiting the game as well, and you can keep them around without having to write the same old rival-based lines that one would typically have to write.
All in all, this anime is a good anime and well worth the watch. It hits all the high notes of isekai anime and tries to add a few extra twists along the way. If anything, it is also a fun critique of cash-grab video games. We get to watch the NPC become the protagonist, which is a reasonably new concept. Sadly I do not see this anime getting another season, though. This one was a tough sell right from the outset. However, one can hope there will be one. I guess I just have to wait a couple of years like all my other favorites suddenly getting second seasons.